(Un)countable nouns

Countable [C] and uncountable [U] nouns

Countable nouns have 2 forms: singular (a car, a banana, a mouse) and

plural (cars, bananas, mice)


There is a cat in a house.

There are 2 people in the car.

There isn’t any bar in our street.

There are no mice in my cottage.

I like bananas.

We don’t like spiders.

She hates mice.

Uncountable nouns have ONLY one form: water, bread, money, information, experience (all liquids, dairy products etc.)


I like to drink some coffee in the morning.

We need to get some fresh air now.

He doesn’t like wine.

She doesn’t drink beer.

We have got no experience with this type of situation.

I haven’t received any information about his whereabouts yet.

I haven’t got any money on me. I left it all at home.

How much & How many


Asking for amount and price.


‚How much‘ with uncountable nouns.

‚How many‘ with countable nouns.


How much is it? (universal question for a price of something)

How much water do you drink every day?

How much petrol does your car take per 100km?

How much money have you got on you right now?

How many miles to the gallon does your car do?

How many people have you got as friends on Facebook?

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

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