Objective pronouns


I – me

You – you

He – him

She – her

It – it

We – us

They – them


Paul sends me a funny email every week.

She calls you 4x (4 times) a day. How can you tolerate that?

You also receive an email from him.

Mother give her £20 pocket money a week.

She spends it on new clothes and shoes.

Our mother used to give us £5 a month.

I called my parents and told them about the wedding next year.

Reflexive pronouns

Singular form:

I – myself

You – yourself

He – himself

She – herself

It – itself

Plural form:

We – ourselves

You – yourselves

They – themselves


Nobody helped me, I fixed the computer myself.

When you want something to be done, do it yourself!

He lives by himself in his new flat. No one else lives there.

She did it all by herself!

The flat won’t clean itself, so get up and do it!

We promised ourselves a nice holiday abroad this summer.

You two can organise it yourselves, so don’t bother me with that anymore.

Paul and Dee went to Spain all by themselves, they left their children at home.