Asking questions

Who – asking for person

Who is your best friend?

Who did you go there with?

Who are you waiting for?

Where – asking for place

Where will you go on holiday this year?

Where do your parents live?

Where did you park your car?

What – asking for information about thing/person

What is your job?

What colour do you like?

What time is it?

What was the weather like in Italy?

Which – similar to ‚what‘ but from a limited number

Which is the 4th planet from the Sun?

Which continent is Saigon on?

Which sport do you prefer – football or rugby?

When – asking for information about time

When is the next train to Newcastle, please?

When did you come home last night?

When will you start learning for your GCSEs?

How – asking for style and manner

How did you manage to break this new computer?

How did you earn your first million?

How does the Oyster card work?

How old – asking for age

How old are you? (never ask a woman this question!)

How old is your father?

How old is their car?

How often – asking for frequency

How often do you play the guitar?

How often does it rain in England?

How often do you practise English?

How much/ How many – asking for amount

How much money have you got on you?

How many people can you see outside at night?

How many cats has your grandmother got?