If + will (first conditional)

1st conditional (for present and future)


We use 1st conditional to say that something is possible after something else happens.

When a condition in the first part of the sentence ( ‚if‘ part ) happens, next thing follows ( will +…..).

You can’t use 1st conditional for past possibilities, we use 3rd conditional for that (see B2 section).


If + present simple, will……


If I learn English well, I will go to study in England.

If you study hard, you will get good grades.

If you get good grades at school, your parents will buy you a new computer.

If he leaves work at 6pm, he won’t come home before 7pm.

If she starts saving money now, she’ll have enough for a decent car next year.

If they don’t stop shouting, I’ll call the police!


We never use ‚if + will‘ in the same part of the sentence.

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