In/On/At for place

IN / ON / AT  for place


IN (think of ‚inside‘; in a 3D place)

in a house/garage/ building/ shop/ office / swimming pool/ library

in a car

in the kitchen/ bedroom/ bathroom

in a bath

in the garden/ park/ stadium

in the cinema/ theatre/ opera

in the court of law

in the air

in the sea/ river/ water

in the picture/ photo/ film/ movie

in a glass/ box/ bag/ suitcase

in a book/ magazine/ newspapers

in the corner (inside angle)

AT (think of ‚next to,outside‘)

at school/ home/ work/ university/ college (institutions)

at the airport/ the cinema (outside)/ bus stop/ train station

at sea(side) – holiday at the seaside

ON (think of ‚on the top of)

on the table/ floor/ bed / carpet

on the platform/ road/ street/ bridge

on public transport / bus/ train/ plane/ tram/ underground train/ subway

on the wall/ hill

on a map

an TV/ radio/ CD, DVD,Blue-ray disc

on the internet/ website

on holiday

on the corner (outside angle)