Give – phrasal verb

Give – phrasal verb

Give away – give something as a present

They are giving away some free drinks this afternoon to attract new customers.

Give something away – to betray, to reveal

She gave her friend’s secret away to her husband.

Give in – to succumb to

The company gave in to the unions‘ relentless pressure.

Give in to somebody/something – to agree to do something you don’t want doing

He gave in to her wife’s pleading and call her mother to apologise.

Give off – to produce something (smell, light, etc.)

These roses are giving off a faint sweet smell.

Give up – stop doing something

You should give up smoking! It’s very bad for you.

Give something up to somebody – to hand over

Upon arrival, we’ve given up our travel documents to the local authorities.

Give up on somebody – stop hoping or believing that a person will change

His parents have given up on him a long time ago.