Comparatives and Superlatives

Comparatives and superlatives

Most one syllable adjectives, e.g. strong, fast, tall, small, short

strong – stronger – the strongest

fast – faster – the fastest

tall – taller – the tallest

small – smaller – the smallest

short – shorter – the shortest

Just add -er for comparative and -est for superlative

Adjective ending in -e, e.g. large, nice

large – larger – the largest

nice – nicer – the nicest

Just add -r for comparative and -st for superlative

Adjectives ending in consonant + vowel, e.g. big, fat, slim

big – bigger – the biggest

fat – fatter – the fattest

slim – slimmer – the slimmest

Always double the last consonant!!

Adjectives ending in -y, e.g. heavy, pretty, ugly

heavy – heavier – the heaviest

pretty – prettier – the prettiest

ugly – uglier – the ugliest

-ier for comparative and -iest for superlative

Adjectives with more than two syllables, e.g. expensive, powerful, comfortable

expensive – more expensive – the most expensive

powerful – more powerful – the most powerful

comfortable – more comfortable – the most comfortable

‚more‘ to make a comparative and ‚the most‘ to make a superlative

Irregular adjectives

good – better – the best

bad – worse – the worst

far – farther – the farthest

Don’t forget to use ‚the‘ with a superlative!



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