Phrasal verbs with ‚in‘

Phrasal verbs with ‚in‘

Break in – to enter by force, to burgle

He lost his keys, so he had to break in his flat.

Call in on somebody – pay a short visit unannounced

Call in on me when you’re in town, will you?

Fill in – to complete a form/questionnaire

They gave me a form to fill in.

It took me a while to fill all the details in.

Join in – take part in an activity with other people

After learning the rules of the game, she happily joined in.

Plug in – to connect an electrical appliance to the mains (a socket)

Plug the computer in before you switch it on.

Take something in – to understand/remember/comprehend an idea/notion

They didn’t seem to take in what I told them.

Sink in – (of an idea) to be fully understood or realized

This idea might take a while to sink in.