There is/are

There is & There are

We use ‚There is‘ & ‚There are‘ to say that something is somewhere.

‚There is‘ for singular and uncountable nouns; ‚There are‘ for plural nouns


There is a banana in a fridge.

There is some noise in the cellar.

There isn’t (is not) any milk in the house.

There is a cup of coffee on the table.

There are 2 apples in the pantry.

There aren’t any cars on the car park.


There was a policeman in the street a moment ago.

There was some rubbish in the lake.

There wasn’t any doctor on board.

There were 2 fires in our town last night.

There weren’t any of my friends in the pub on Sunday.


There will be a public enquiry into the shooting of a suspect.

There will be some people you know at the music festival.

There won’t (will not) be any food in the fridge when you come home next week.

There will be 3 new colleagues in our office when you’re back from Sweden.

Same rules apply to other tenses.

Forming questions and answers.


Is there any milk left in the fridge? Yes, there is.

Is there anyone outside your door? No, there isn’t.

Are there any of your friends in a pub tonight? Yes, there are.

Are there any books in your bag? No, there aren’t.


Was there any doctor in the hospital on Saturday? Yes, there was.

Was there any problem with the bus service on Sunday? No, there wasn’t.

Were there any girls in the club last night? Yes, there were.

Were there any bananas left in the basket? No, there weren’t.


Will there ever be peace on Earth? Yes, there will.

Will there be any people at the music festival? No, there won’t.