Look – phrasal verb

Look – phrasal verb

Look after – take care of

She looked after her little brother when their mother was in hospital.

Look at – examine something carefully

I’m going to look at that problem as soon as possible.

Look back on – think about something in the past

I often look back on my last holiday at the seaside.

Look for – search for something

He’s looking for a new flat to move into at the moment.

Look forward to – to be exited about something

They’re looking forward to their holiday in Kenya.

Look in (on somebody) – a short visit to a person’s home

You have to go and look in on your grandmother tomorrow.

Look into – examine a problem

He’ll look into it when he gets back from the business trip.

Look on – watch something without becoming involved

The people looked on in shock as the car swerved and hit the lamppost.

Look out – try to avoid danger

Look out for the oncoming traffic when crossing the road.

Look over – examine something to see how good it is

We looked the car over thoroughly before we bought it.

Look through somebody – ignore a person by pretending not seeing him/her

She just looked through me as I was approaching her on the street.

Look up – raise your eyes when looking down

We all looked up from our textbooks when she entered the room.

Look up to somebody – admire/respect somebody

I have always looked up to my older brother.

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