Have/Has got

Have / Has got – to own, to possess

Positive sentences:

I have got a car.

You have got a bicycle.

He has got a dog.

She has got a boyfriend.

It has got green eyes.

We have got a flat in London.

They have got a house in the country.

Negative sentences:

I haven’t got a girlfriend.

You haven’t got a blue car.

He hasn’t (has not) got a dog.

She hasn’t got a job.

It hasn’t got sharp teeth.

We haven’t got a flat in London.

They haven’t got any pets.

Remember: In the 3rd singular (he, she, it) we use ‚has/hasn’t‘ instead of ‚have/haven’t‘!

Questions and answers:

Have you got a car?   Yes, I have.

Have you got a motorbike?   No, I haven’t (have not).

Has he got a brother?   Yes, he has.

Has he got a wife?   No, he hasn’t (has not).

Has she got any pets?   Yes, she has.

Has she got a bicycle?   No, she hasn’t (has not).

Has it got a radio?   Yes, it has.

Has it got green eyes?   No, it hasn’t (has not).

Have we got time?   Yes, we have.

Have we got money?   No, we haven’t (have not).

Have they got any children?   Yes, they have.

Have they got a house?   No, they haven’t (have not).

It is also possible to make questions as:

Do you have a car?   Yes, I do.

Do you have a wife?   No, I don’t (do not).

Does he have a wife?   No, he doesn’t.

Does she have a husband?   Yes, she does.

This is more common in American English.

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