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  Prepositions of time: level B1 - practice

Complete the sentences with:

when x2      after       before        since x2       for      while       just x2        then x2

1) The phone went off …... as I walked into the house.

2) She visited Notre Dame ….... she was in Paris on business.

3) Lucas has been learning English long ….. he visited England ….. the first time.

4) I haven't seen Michael …..... he had that accident.

5) He sprained his ankle ….... skiing in Andorra.

6) Paula left for the USA …... she had finished her studies at St. Andrew's.

7) Finish your drinks, …... we must catch the last bus back home.

8) I crossed the road ….. I saw my old boss walking in my direction.

9) I haven't had the courage to visit my last workplace …... I left it last year.

10) I've ….. finished washing my car and it's starting to rain again. Oh, damn!

11) They arrived soon ….. he had finished cooking the dinner for them.

12) They had a meal together and ….. they went for a drink in a bar.

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