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You are here: Level A1 > Find the mistake (easy)

Find the mistake ;-)

There is a mistake in each sentence:

1)I live near to a hospital.

2)We go to work in a bus.

3)You like ice cream?

4)She work in an office.

5)We eat sandwiches for a lunch.

6)He goes to a gym every day.

7)How often are you go there?

8)Is he in work today?

9)Have she got a boyfriend?

10)I often don't go to the cinema.

11)Do you want buy my old car?

12)I don't like swim.

13)They don't have some children.

14)Have you got some brothers and sisters?

15)Do you like some tea?

16)It's nice to meeting you.

17)She have got a scooter.

18)She drives her scooter everywhere.

19)What do you prefer, tea or coffee?

20)This bike over there is mine.

21)That hat over here is my father's.

22)These shoes there are his.

23)That car is their.

24)They live at a house.

25)We don't eat meats.

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