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You are here: Level A1 > Asking questions

                                                        Asking questions

Who - asking for person

Who is your best friend?          (His name is Paul)

Who do you go there with?       (I go with my parents)

Who are you waiting for?          (I'm waiting for a friend)

Who is your favourite actor?      (It's Tom Hanks)

Where - asking for place

Where will you go on holiday this year?      (We'll go to France)

Where do your parents live?                      (They live in Reading)

Where do you park your car?                     (I park it outside my house)

Where is the post office, please?                 (Just over there, look!)

What - asking for information about thing/person

What is your job?      (I'm a mechanic)

What colour do you like?         (I like black)

What time is it?                       (It's ten past six)

What is the weather like in Italy?        (It's hot and sunny)

Which - similar to 'what' but from a limited number

Which is the 4th planet from the Sun?       (It's Mars)

Which continent is Saigon on?                 (It's in Asia)

Which sport do you prefer – football or rugby?     (I prefer rugby to football)

When - asking for information about time

When is the next train to Newcastle, please?     (It's at 10.45)

When do you come home at night?                  (I usually come at 7 o'clock)

When will you start learning for your GCSEs?         (I'll start next week)

When does the film start?                  (It starts at 6.30pm)

How - asking for style and manner

How did you manage to break this new computer?      (I don't know)

How did you earn your first million?                   ( I worked very hard)

How does the Oyster card work?           (It's easy, actually)

How do you like your steak?             (I like it medium)

How old - asking for age

How old are you? (never ask a woman this question!)       (I'm 33)

How old is your father?                (He's 65)

How old is their car?                   (It's 8 years old)

How old is his dog?                   (He's 3 years old)

How often - asking for frequency

How often do you play the guitar?          ( I play twice a week)

How often does it rain in England?         (very often)

How often do you practise English?       ( I practise every day)

How often do they go swimming?         (They go every weekend)

How much/ How many - asking for amount

How much money have you got on you?           (I have £25 on me right now)

How many people can you see outside at night?        (not many)

How many cats has your grandmother got?            (She's got 3)

How much is it? or How much does it cost?            (It is £29.99)